Poorly Insulated Home Signs


If your attic is inadequately insulated, a variety of problems – including costly ones – might occur. This page is intended to educate homeowners about the insulation in their homes. Is it doing the functions it should? Let us investigate.

Here are a few things to keep an eye out for:



Rooms that are both hot and cold

If your home has hot and cold rooms, it may be due to an inadequately insulated attic. Even the most energy-efficient heating systems may struggle to operate correctly if your home is inadequately insulated. Insulate your home from top to bottom, from roof to foundation.



To discover if the problem is with your roof insulation, have a professional roofer visit and test the thickness of your insulation. They can always add more or less depending on the situation.




Moisture & Mold

If you notice any evidence of mold or moisture in your attic, contact a professional immediately. Not only may there be a hole in the roof, but there could also be humidity. Condensation rises into your attic, dampening and finally flooding the space. This water can then spread across your ceiling and/or down your walls, wreaking havoc on the interior of your home.



Condensation is frequently the result of insufficient airflow throughout the structure. This is frequently the case in bathrooms, where hot showers can generate a lot of steam. Without adequate ventilation, steam will ascend into the ceiling and attic, causing mold to form.



To begin, have your roof inspected for holes or other entrance sites. Once you’re certain that the roof is still in good shape, have a reputable roofer evaluate the ventilation in your home. Additional vents can be added to boost ventilation, and broken ones can be changed at any time. Most roofing companies will provide you with a free quote, so there is no risk involved.




The Creatures Have Descended

Inadequate insulation might result in damaged plywood and shingles, exposing the exterior to animal damage. Once raccoons, squirrels, and/or mice discover these weak points, they will make every effort to gain access. If you are successful, you may find yourself dealing with an entire family of critters.



Proper insulation will maintain the roof in good condition and will deter any intruders from making it their permanent home.



Drafts that are too cold


Do you get cold drafts throughout the winter? It is critical to insulate not only the attic of your home, but also the windows and doors. Inadequately insulated windows and doors can allow a significant amount of air to escape, giving your home an airy impression.



After confirming that your attic is adequately insulated, we recommend contacting a window and door company to do an inspection. Drafts in the home can be a nuisance and extremely costly, therefore it is recommended to address them immediately.




Energy Bills That Are Exorbitant

If you notice that your energy bills are constantly increasing, it could be because your heating/cooling system is working extra to maintain the proper temperature in your home. This implies that heat is escaping through your attic, windows, doors, and foundation, among other places, and your home will never reach a stable temperature.